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John Reeman

Hi I'm John Reeman and I've been working in the field of information security for 25 years.

I fell into security by accident during the mid 90's having studied software engineering at university and not really knowing what to do I ended up taking a part time casual job at a local tech company. That tech company turned out to be one of the early Internet and security pioneers, one of their products was  MIMEsweeper and for those that remember not to be confused with the similar sounding 90's addictive desktop computer game!

Since those humble beginnings, I've travelled the world, worked and consulted for many global organisations and government agencies, started my own network security company, written a security tool (VMinformer) to assess virtualization stacks, contributed to the CIS benchmarks on VMware Security hardening and had my fair share of fun, blood, sweat and tears along the way!

This site is dedicated to sharing my experience and thoughts as well as providing practical advice on how to build successful security programs.

When I'm not thinking about security I can be found spending time around the beautiful Northern beaches of Sydney with my wife, children and chocolate lab "Olive".

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